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Company's operations

Basic services:

  • Core drilling
  • (RC) Reverse circulation drilling (RCD)
  • Geological attendance.
  • Geophysical exploration
  • Hydrogeological survey

Drilling service:

  1. Core drilling
  2.  (RC) Reverse circulation drilling (RCD)
  3. Hydrogeological drilling
  4. Air hole drilling
  5. Special drilling of large diameter
  6. Prevention-of-deviation drilling
  7. Mobilisation- demobilization of drilling equipment.

Geological service:

  1. Geo-referenced reconnaissance survey
  2. Geological exploration planning
  3. Geological attendance of field works.
  4. Geological attendance of drilling works.
  5. Core documentation and sampling.
  6. Geoeconomic operations.
  7. Engineering-geological, geocryological operations.
  8. Hydrogeological operations

Geophysical service

  1. Geophysical well logging
  2. Geophysical data office study

Hydrogeological survey

  1. Hydrogeological exploration planning.
  2. Hydrological area survey
  3. Water well drilling and infrastructure development
  4. Testing for underground waters inflow in wells
  5. Well hydrologging.
  6. Monitoring investigations of surface and ground waters
  7. Field data office study
  8. Hydrogeological works report compilation.

Optional services:

  1. Mobilisation and demobilization works
  2. Rotation camps temporary building
  3. Mining and development works.
Company's operations
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