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Reverse circulation drilling (RC)

RC drilling is recognized all over the word as effective and exact method of orebody approbation.

For projects execution according to the RC technology the company has drilling rigs, SCHRAMM T 685 WS, WDH-500, MXAT 11/12 completed with the tool for drilling according to the RC technologies – TEREX HALCO, SANDVIC, EURODRILL.

Wells drilling according to the RC technology is carried out by downhole hammers of a special design Ø 121 mm-159 mm.

Mechanical speed of drilling according to the RC technology can reach 40 m/hour. In case of a coming across water-bearing ground and for well-drilling more than 200m., Hurricane booster compressors are used. This makes it possible to double air pressure. Depending on the geological task, sampling material can be packed in 0.5; 1; 1,5 and 2 meters.

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