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Geological service

The geological service performs the following types of service:

  • Compilation of technical and economic calculations (FS (feasibility study), FR (feasibility report), etc.) of geological exploration carrying out expediency.
  • Design and estimate documentation compilation on geological exploration production (searches, valuation and exploration of solid minerals deposits).
  • Preparation of EIA (environmental impact analysis) during geological explorations.
  • Geological service of mining exploration and drilling operations.
  • Fund geological materials collection and database compilation on objects (fields, ore occurrence and prognostic plots).
  • Complex of cameral operations in case of geological study, exploration and field exploitation of solid minerals deposits.
  • Geological information digitization in formats at the customer request;
  • FS (feasibility study) preparation of provisional, final and operating parameters for count of reserves of solid minerals deposits.
  • Geological reports compilation with reserves calculation based on the results of all stages of geological exploration with their confirmation in government authorities (State Reserves Committee, TCNR (Territorial Committee for Natural Reserves), etc.).

Geological service employees of our enterprise have a wide operation experience at all stages of geological explorations.

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