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Hydrogeological services

The main directions of hydrogeological activity of LLC "Kyrgyzgeoperspektiva" are:

  • prospecting and evaluation works and underground waters exploration
  • drilling, research, downhole equipment.
  • underground waters reserves calculations and their confirmation at the state expert review.
  • exploration well on water design
  • water-intake facilities construction

LLC "Kyrgyzgeoperspektiva" performs the following types of hydrogeological services:

  1. Hydrogeological exploration planning.
  2. Hydrological area survey
  3. Water well drilling and infrastructure development
  4. Testing for underground waters inflow in wells
  5. Well hydrologging.
  6. Monitoring investigations of surface and ground waters.
  7. Field data office study.
  8. Hydrogeological works report compilation.

We use only the most up-to-date equipment for the hydrogeological survey and underground water evaluation, which guarantees quality of carried-out works.

Materials and equipment

  • For well testing (testing for underground waters inflow) fulfillment the following equipment is used:
  • Pumps trademark «GRUNDFOS» РQ and SQ 
  • Water measuring device
  • Electric level indicator USK-TE- 50,100 and 350
  • Well electronic thermometer TSE-400
  • Piezometers

Caliper log measurements, flowmeter measurement, temperature log and resistivity metering are carried out for hydrologging.

Equipment – RETS-2, GTR – 43

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