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Core drilling

Core drills:

  • Boart Longyear: LM75D, LF90LS, LF70;
  • Atlas Copco CS 1000;
  • CDH - 1300;
  • UGB-001.

All drilling equipment stock is provided with a BOART LONGYEAR drill stem, diameter NQ, NQ3 (Ø-76mm), HQ, HQ3 (Ø-95mm), and PQ3 (Ø-122mm).

Drilling rigs with the reverse circulation (RC): SCHRAMM, ROCK DRILL 5000, WDH 500, MAXCAT 12

Hydrogeological, exploratory well drills: URB-3AM, URB – 2A2.

The drilling equipment stock is provided with miscellaneous technology equipment (clay stations, water trucks, standby stations, wrecking cars, tractors, utility vehicles, etc.).

Also there are storage and supply facilities for repair work, conductor pipe cuttings, core trays manufacture.

Training of drilling rigs operators is carried out under control of LLC «Kyrgysgeoperspektiva» at own facilities. For all enterprises it is created united processing and supplying services.

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